I’ve been writing a lot of things that I don’t feel are up to standard, so I’ve dropped it for awhile, in hopes of returning to some of the material at some future date.

In the meantime I figure I’ll go back to the basics.

In the Sustainable Tour that I took part in, we talked a lot about core values. Core values have the dual effect of stabilizing our existence, while binding ourselves to a larger, more important whole.

America today, it is deemed by many, has lost sight of its core values. When our core values start to erode, our States begin to decay, decompose, and eventually if we’re not careful, collide and collapse.

Luckily you don’t need America, for you yourself to be true to your core values. In fact, better now then ever to hone your center, and abide by the values that you live by. Doing so will not only save you from deteriorating with the masses, but it will also make us all, as Americans, stronger. By exemplifying for others your core values, you help represent us all.

Now, there are infinite amounts of ways to integrate core values into everyday life, but it starts by formulating them for yourself.

That means, instead of me (or somebody else) lecturing you with a pointed figure about the kind of values you should represent, you instead come up with them on your own. This will help you remember and stick by them when it counts.

Later, it becomes important to integrate them with everybody else’s lists, but for now stick with the personal.

To set the stage, I will — over the course of the next five days — post the core values that I wrote down, with a brief description as to why they are important to me. My hope is that it gets you thinking about what you value, so that you can be a more valuable person in this democracy of ours.

One critically important point before I do so though: You do not want to create a hierarchy of values, whereby one value stands above all else. This kind of dominance hierarchy is antithetical to building a core, and it leads to totalitarian thought — something we see a lot of in today’s politics. When you deem one value to take precedence above all else, you’ve lost. It will not allow for a healthy middle and you’ll view everything from that self-espoused adversarial hilltop of yours. Not a good thing.

And one more note, in the Sustainable Living Tour we stuck to five core values, but you can come up with as many as you want. I suggest keeping it to a minimum for now, as you want to build foundationally from them. Complexities and additions can always be added later. Don’t think too hard, I wrote mine in the matter of minute on the back of a bus.

Write what comes intuitively.

CoreValue #1: Health

Valuing and practicing good health has got to be about the best thing you can do for yourself.

If you are not healthy, you will not only generally feel like shit, but you will bring others down with you as well. Don’t be that person.

Unfortunately, America has got to be one of the least fit nations in the developed world. This is not the result of the people making poor choices — though it is that too — but more of an industry of BIG agriculture, stocking our Supermarkets with piles of crap.

There is no nice way to put this, the majority of foods on shelves today in America contribute to our poor collective health, and make us into blobby pieces of shit. As a result, we all get a little fatter, madder and dumber. Again, this is not our fault, per se, but it is our job to now do something about it. Take it upon yourself to get acquainted with good health, whole foods, and nutritional facts so that you can live optimally.

In today’s world, this requires discipline and practice — and lots of it. But adopting good health will lead to clarity of mind, energy of soul, and a striving to drive us all up. Your body and your mind require good health of you, so treat it like it.

I had a good friend that I met on the Sustainable Living Tour that told me about how in China you would go to the doctors, and they would treat you before you get sick. Meaning, they would help ensure you were taking preventative measures before you got sick, to avoid any potential chance of becoming sick. How novel!

In today’s America, we are chronically sick, and only treat the symptoms after the fact, which often have such excruciating side effects (and costs), that you would have been better off without any “help” in the first place. How sick!

So take it upon yourself to practice good health, and we will all support and thank you for it. Most of all you will help, thank and love yourself for doing so.

But just in case the light bulb still hasn’t lit up for you, I’ll conclude by quoting the lightbulb guy himself, Thomas Edison.

“The doctor of the future”, he said, “Will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease. ”

Turn on your lightbulb, and let that good energy flow.



3 thoughts on “Back to Basics: Health

  1. Great topic. I have one qualm, the fat shaming does nothing good for those who are already in poor health. I tend to be very sensitive around these topics because there is a lot of mental illness involved that may not be so simple to tackle. Of course you mentioned how, if we as a nation would employ preventative care, we might not be where we are now, but we are here. There are many sick and fat people valuing their health as much as they can, yet still don’t live a life of an Ironman. I see the collective core value of health being beneficial if we can shift the perspective of what it means to be healthy, including the body, mind, and spirit, like you mentioned.


    • I heed your advice, and welcome your criticism.

      It resonates with me and I’m touched by your sentiments.

      I’m excited to talk to you about language, our usage of it, and so so much more out in Costa. Till then I’ll leave it there ✌️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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